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Taylor Hinton

Taylor Hinton

Health and Lifestyle Coach

Eat more, get toned and forget the meal plan too.

Taylor is an online fitness coach whose mission is to create a more capable, fitter, British Columbia.  Along with his background is sports nutrition, Taylor’s 15+ years of experience has given him the unique ability to empower seasoned gym-goers and newbies alike.

“I hate meal plans just as much as the next person. Being a fitter, stronger you shouldn’t mean sacrificing drinks and appies on the weekend.  80% of people gain the weight back after reaching their goal.  I plan on changing that.”

Most of Taylor’s clients are female and although weight loss is a motivator, most are focused on moving better and having more energy all day long. Success is measured using multiple different metrics that allows them to see progress in themselves each and every week.

When people call Taylor to join his team, the most common weakness most people have is being accountable to themselves. The online platform allows him to hold them to their goals and find solutions to would-be excuses.

“I’ve succeeded when you have seamlessly intertwined healthy lifestyle habits into your day-to-day making fitness second nature and not a resentful chore”.

Join Taylor for a 30-minute learning and Q&A.